Application Tasks 2019: M.A. in Game Development and Research

To apply to the Cologne Game Lab’s Master of Arts in Game Development and Research, please complete the following application tasks and submit them through our [].



In order to apply to the Master’s program “Game Development & Research,” candidates must hand in a proposal for a project in the field of non-linear AV media. Candidates may select any theme or genre for the proposal.


Prepare a written presentation which outlines the project you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. We will accept narrative as well as non-narrative approaches. You should take the following points into consideration when developing your idea and mention them in the presentation of your project:

  • Short description / storyline (if applicable), gameplay elements
  • Target audience
  • Platform
  • Examples of similar work / sources of inspiration



Give us a first impression of the look and feel of your project. The type and style of the visualization are up to you. From mood boards, sketches, storyboards, and character design, to short animations. Please refrain from sending us prototypes. Should you make one, send us screen and/or video captures.


2. TOP 3 (MAX 500 WORDS)

Tell us what your three favorite pieces of AV media are (games, film, etc.) and justify your choices.



Tell us why you would like to study at CGL.



Convince us in one sentence why you should be picked for this program.



Please combine all assignments into one PDF and label it as follows:


This document can include links to audiovisual add-ons like external players (YouTube, browser games) or downloadable files (e.g., Dropbox). Please make sure that the submitted formats are easily accessible. You need to upload the PDF to the corresponding field in the online []. The form needs to be submitted by May 31 at 23:59 CEST at the latest. Once you submit it, you will receive your applicant number. Keep this number safe! It will be important for the next step of the application process.



After May 31 all applications will be evaluated. A group of selected candidates will be invited to the interview round which will take place on June 19 (on location or via videoconference). The interview schedule will be posted on our website in the beginning of June. To find out if you have been invited to an interview, you will need to look for your applicant number, which will be provided to you once you submit the application form.

Once the interviews are carried out, all accepted and rejected candidates will be informed via email by June 24.

Be aware that CGL does not check the formal validity of your diplomas as a formal entrance requirement to TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences. The assessment of your diplomas concerning their formal validity will be conducted by our student registration office after the aptitude assessment (in July). In case you pass our aptitude assessment, we will offer you more information on that topic.

International applicants have to submit their documents to the validation agency Uni-Assist parallel to the CGL application procedure. The deadlines for Uni-Assist submissions is May 31.

All application documents must be submitted to Uni-Assist as officially certified copies. If your documents are issued in a language other than English or German, you are required to submit a German or English language translation from a state certified translator.

Good luck!