Beethoven Game Jam
It’s a wrap

Ludwig van Beethoven, born in Bonn, known worldwide and revered by millions of people, would have been 250 years old next year. That must be celebrated – or played? We want to create a “Beethoven Game“.

To this end, WDR 3, the Cologne Game Lab and the Friends of the Cologne Game Lab invited interested students to come to grips with the topic and develop ideas on the weekend of 29 – 31 March 2019.

In the end a little more than 40 jammers got together at Cologne Game Lab’s Open Space, brainstormed and shared ideas amongst each other, formed teams and then went straight to developing. On Sunday, 31 March, 72h later, eight teams got on stage and presented their results, ranging from AR applications to art installations. Now it is up to the jury to award the best idea. The winner team will be announced by mid of April.

In the run-up renowed game-developers and musicians such a David Marlow, lead conductor at the Vogtland philharmonic orchestra, or Game Composer Kai Rosenkranz, who began his career contributing the music to the Gothic series, supported the jammers by sharing unique insights into their fields of expertise.


Screenshot Beethove


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