CGL at
Nacht der Technik

In June, the NACHT DER TECHNIK invited to a night full of mechanics & machines! 64 different participants – be it little companies, big industrial corporations or universities – showed publicly what they’re working on. You could also get a glimpse behind the scenes of CGL at Campus Deutz of TH Köln where some of our students showed their work:


Escher 2.0 – Art meets Virtual Reality

The enigmatic and magic works of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898–1972), one of the most significant dutch graphic artists of the 20th century, provide a very special visual experience. CGL-student Till Gilsbach has created an interactive VR showcase that translates the idea and aestetics of Escher´s extraordinary optical illusions into a 360° virtual environment: Maze of Stairs is a mind-blowing dare between illusion and reality. Additionally, Till showed his most recent project VR chambers.


Project MMM

Project MMM – short for MIDI Multiplayer Madness – is a loop machine arcade installation that rewards the players’ skillfulness with colorful and seemingly unique music tracks. This game is controlled via hardware fader controllers for precise movement and maximum fun – for up to 8 players simultaneously! (Students: György Droste,  Juan Orjuela,  Utz Stauder, Balint Mark)


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