CGL’s Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto receives prestigious Fellowship at CAIS

We are proud to announce that Cologne Game Lab’s Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto has been awarded a fellowship at the renowned Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS). From April to July 2018 she will carry out an individual research project on the transformative quality and aesthetic prosperity of mobile media. During her research leave we’re warmly welcoming Dr. Dominik Schrey, who will fill in for Prof. Dr. Gotto and assume her teaching duties in Media and Game Studies.

Research objective:

In her research Lisa Gotto will address the question of how smartphones are reorganising our perceptual capacities. She argues that the emerging smartphone-film with its new methods of operation not only influences spatial orientation and mediation but also initiates novel modes of visual perception. Her main focus will lie on the questions of how the mobility of smartphones becomes proficient to point to the performative process of generating perception and perspective and how mobile media configurations contribute to this process.

About CAIS:

The Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) invites excellent scholars and professionals to pursue individual and collaborative projects on digitalization and internet-related topics. The overall aim of CAIS is to play an active role in the research and responsible shaping of the social, political and economic changes brought about by digitalization and thereby promote an ongoing dialogue between science and society. more