Clash of Realities at gamesweekberlin

During last weeks gamesweekberlin (8-14 April, 2019) the German capital was transformed into the hotspot for the national and international gaming scene. In the course of seven days more than 15.000 game developers, publishers, investors and multipliers from public institutions and the media industry as well as gamers, families and fans came to Berlin. Following the success from last year’s cooperation with the A.MAZE festival, the Cologne based conference Clash of Realities further expanded its commitment in Berlin and joint forces with the Quo Vadis -  game development & business conference.


“Studying Games”-Summit at Quo Vadis

On Tuesday, April 9th, Clash of Realities hosted a guest summit at the Quo Vadis conference, titled “Studying Games“. Prominent German game academics presented current developements and perspectives in the their fields of work and shared insights on the situation of games education in Germany, including the practical involvement of companies from the video game industry. Furthermore the summit featured renowned international speakers who provided a comparative overview of academic teaching and research abroad.



Game Design as Gardening – Clash of Realities at A.MAZE

On Thursday, 11th of April, Clash of Realities joint forces with the Devolution project for the “Game Design as Gardening”- Track at the A.MAZE festival. Dissecting and examining the development process of games is key for understanding and mastering not just game design and development, but the increasingly digital world we are in per se. As part of Devolution #5 the track offered an academic extension, exploring similar topcis as the exhibition from a different point of view.


Find further info on the Clash of Realities conference here.