Game Design 101

This compact course introduces participants to game design fundamentals and provides insight into the games industry. Courses are designed on demand. The average duration of each course is 2 to 5 days. Please contact us for an individual offer (groups only).


The Anatomy of Computer Games

  • Design and Production Process
  • Design Thinking & Games – The role of the av-designer in the conception and production of games
  • Game Design Fundamentals and Ultrarapid Leveldesign (Pen & Paper)
  • Role and Structure of the Game Design Document
  • Animation & Games – Historic Overview and Perspectives
  • Film & Games I+II – The Change of Audiovisual Narratives
  • Paper Prototyping – Iterative Game Design & Play testing
  • Digital Prototyping (Flash)
  • Games Marketing und Platform Analysis

game design 101 workshop