Global Game Jam Cologne Recap


The 2015 Global Game Jam is over, and with its passing we are left with a plethora of games to look at. This year was by far the biggest GGJ in CGL´s six-year history of hosting the event here in Cologne. With 20 games created by the 113 active participants, covering every single title would be a herculean task. For this reason, we decided to highlight some outstanding projects here in this post.

1.- Goblin Go Boom!

By Andreas Flix Trisch, Zein Okko, Gabi Linde, Kevin Glaap, and Michael Koloch

Goblin Go Boom is a 4-player game featuring a goblin who walks around a tiled floor, trying to reach a coloured block while pieces of the map fall as he moves from one tile to another. The players get to place bets on which block the goblin will land on, and control over the character is switched after every move. Rounds are short, and the result is often a surprise to everyone playing.

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2.- Falling Nukes + Running People

By Joel Schumacher, Jonas Lieb, Jonas Lieb, and Lukas Schnitzler

In Falling Nukes + Running People, players race to a rocket that can save them from an imminent bombardment with nuclear missiles. There’s not enough time left, and allowing your competition to get there first would probably mean they won’t let you in, right? Run, jump, punch and kick your way to the one and only rocket that can save you, while also stopping others from reaching it.

 Game Jam link:

Falling Nukes


3.- Pond

By Giliam Spliethoff, Jack Hoefnagel, Martin Wisniowski and Roelf Mik

Pond is a game where the player is tasked with searching for green dots across a vast map to keep your base completely functional. In your search for this rare resource, you will come across huge, dangerous enemies that get tougher and faster the further you go, and in order to stay alive yourself, tackling and slaying these enemies will give you the personal health needed to keep going.

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