Guest Lecture:
Dr. Marc Wittmann – Time Perception

For the current summer term the Cologne Game Lab again put together an exciting selection of guest lecturers for students and the interested public alike. Always on Wednesdays, we’ll give the floor to an outstanding personality to share some of their unique expertise.

On Wednesday, July 04, Dr. Marc Wittmann gave his talk titled “Time Perception“.

About the lecture:

“Empirical work from the cognitive neurosciences is in line with phenomenological conceptualizations suggesting that subjective time emerges through the existence of a conscious self across time as embodied entity. This entanglement of self-reflective consciousness, emotion and body awareness with the experience of time is prominently disclosed in altered states of consciousness such as in endurance sports, in peak music experience, in meditative states, or in video game playing. These states counteract certain psychopathological conditions such as depression and anxiety. I will present a sketch of a model that integrates the effects of ‘flow’ as altered states in video game playing as a way to elicit altered states of consciousness that can be employed in the context of psychotherapeutic approaches.”

About Dr. Marc Wittmann:

Dr. Marc Wittmann is an internationally recognized psychologist, whose research focuses on time perception and consciousness. He works at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg and teaches at the LMU Munich. Among numerous papers in prestigious journals (e.g., Nature, Consciousness and Cognition), he has published the book “Felt Time” (MIT Press, 2016). His new book, “Altered States of Consciousness: Experiences Out of Time and Self” is coming out later this year — both were originally published by C.H. Beck in German language. more