Cologne Game Incubator (CGI)


The Cologne Game Incubator (short: CGI) primarily supports the development of game ideas into marketable products, providing its students and alumni with the opportunity to leverage their in-depth training and knowledge generated at CGL. The CGI is particularly responsive to the challenges that creative founders in the field of interactive entertainment and games have to face, and helps students and alumni to implement the practice-oriented training of CGI with team-oriented project work in economic surroundings.

The allocation of places for applicants is made by the Advisory Board. Within a period of 12 months, the accepted teams can develop a promising business plan and marketable ideas, so that they can start up their business. Throughout the process, the founders receive a variety of advice and support from industry experts.

The CGI was established by the Cologne Game Lab and the Förderverein “Friends of the Cologne Game Lab” e.V. and is heavily supported by the KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung GmbH.

There are two different types of scholarships:

Young Starters” – for teams that have already founded, secured their funding and consist of CGL-students or alumni.

New Talents“ – teams that haven’t founded yet a business and consist of CGL-students or alumni. Both groups receive mentoring by the Advisory Board and external industry experts. In addition, “New Talents” are supported by the founding service of the TH Köln in the development of a business plan and the application for an EXIST founder scholarship.











FAQs   Who can apply? 

  • CGL-Students and Alumni that have completed their studies less than 4 years ago are eligible to apply.
  • Students of other universities can apply, too, if their university is a member of the hgnc-network and if the incubator’s capacity is still sufficient.
  • The foundation plan has to be based on the founder’s research, their special know-how and / or their semester projects and has to deal with a creative idea within the field of digital games, other interactive entertainment forms or within the field of gamification.

What are the conditions?

  • Within a 12 month period, you further your game idea and develop a business plan.
  • You set the cornerstone to start up your own business.
  • You are provided with an office / working space at CGL.
  • You receive advice, support and mentorship from industry experts.

How does it work? Interested teams can apply for a free spot with

  • a project description, which presents the game idea or product idea and includes a short market analysis;
  • a written presentation of the founders with curriculum vitae, an account of the career and, if necessary, a written recommendation from an academic mentor.
  • a playable early prototype or a vertical slice for demonstration purposes;
  • Please send your application to:

Documents Here you can find the documents you need: