Prof. Dr. Cécile Le Prado

Sound Design for Games

Email: clp(at)
Phone: +49 221 8275 - 2064

Cécile Le Prado conducts together sound design and music composition, research and teaching activities. As a composer coming from electronic acoustic music, she is particularly interested in urban soundscapes,  field recording, dynamic and interactive spatial compositions. She is  the author of  musical pieces, sound tracks for movies, sound installations and game art projects.  She  worked with the INA- GRM (Musical  Research Group- National Audiovisual Institute) and IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination for Acoustic and Music).

As a part time  associated professor at CNAM in Paris (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), she is  in charge of the Sound Design  department for the Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media. She got her degree in Electro Acoustic Composition, Master in Game and Interactive Media and Phd in computer science.

She is  now a member of the computer science laboratory of the CNAM and leads a research team in the ILJ group (Interface to read and play), working on interactive sound design. Her research is about determinism, emergence and interactivity in sound and music composition.

My perspective on being part of CGL:

As a new member of CGL, my ambition  is to  create a dynamic sound section crossing game art, game design and game programming, stimulating students’ creativity. I also intend to develop  strong  European collaborations, for example between  CGL , CNAM/ENJMIN,  and  the CEDRIC Laboratory for students, professors, professionals  and researchers.