Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Guardiola

Game Design

Email: eg(at)
Phone: +49 221 8275 - 5907

Game Director and expert in game design methodology, Emmanuel Guardiola contributes to more than 30 major titles in the game industry, for independent studios (Life is Strange, Frank Herbert’s Dune…) and publishers (Ghost Recon, Prince of Persia…). PhD in computer science, he also drives research on player psychological profiling through gameplay at the CNAM computer science laboratory (Paris). He was one of the key creators of the game design training at the French Graduate School on Games and Interactive Media (ENJMIN).

My perspective on being part of CGL:

My two main intentions are to provide an international game design training and to develop research activity by launching european projects




Emmanuel Guardiola: Ecrire pour le jeu. 06/2000; Dixit., ISBN: 284481025X

Book Chapters

Emmanuel Guardiola, Stéphane Natkin: A Game Design Methodology for Generating a Psychological Profile of Players. Serious Games Analytics  Methodologies for Performance Measurement, Assessment, and Improvement, Edited by Christian Sebastian Loh, Yanyan Sheng, Dirk Ifenthaler, 07/2015: chapter A Game Design Methodology for Generating a Psychological Profile of Players: pages 363-380; Springer., ISBN: 978-3-319-05834-4, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-05834-4_16

Emmanuel Guardiola: L’histoire que nous faisons vivre au joueur: la structure ludo-narrative. Le game design de jeux vidéo: Approches de l’expression vidéoludique, Edited by Sébastien Genvo, 01/2006: pages 161-174; Editions L’Harmatta., ISBN: 2747591034

Journal Publications

Emmanuel Guardiola, Stéphane Natkin, Delphine Soriano, Even Loarer, Pierre Vrignaud: Du jeu utile au jeu sérieux (serious game). Le projet Jeu Serai. 12/2012;, DOI:10.4267/2042/48283.

Conference Proceedings

Emmanuel Guardiola: The Gameplay Loop: a Player Activity Model for Game Design and Analysis. ACE, Osaka, Japan; 11/2016, DOI:10.1145/3001773.3001791

Emmanuel Guardiola, Stéphane Natkin: Player’s Model: Criteria for a Gameplay Profile Measure. Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2010, 9th International Conference, ICEC 2010, Seoul, Korea, September 8-11, 2010. Proceedings; 09/2010, DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-15399-0_39

Emmanuel Guardiola, Samuel Bianchini: Image partagée : système de représentation et système de jeu. H2PTM’05, Paris; 01/2005

Emmanuel Guardiola, Stéphane Natkin: Game Theory and video game, a new approach of game theory to analyze and conceive game systems. CGAMES’05, Int. Conf. on Computer Games, Angoulème, France, January 2005, pp.166-170,; 01/2005


As a secondary Author:


Journal Publications

Stéphanie Mader, Jérôme Dupire, Stéphane Natkin, Emmanuel Guardiola: Designing therapeutic games for seniors: case study of “le village aux oiseaux” (birds village).

Stéphane Natkin, Emmanuel Guardiola, P. Vrignaud, Delphine Soriano: Du jeu utile au jeu sérieux : un exemple le projet JEU SERAI.

Conference Proceedings

P. Vrignaud, E Loarer, T Boy, O Dosnon, S Natkin, E Guardiola, C Leblanc-Sitaud, L Cuvillier, Cnam / Inetop, France Paris, Cedric Paris, France: Are serious games a reliable approach to the assessment of vocational interests?. 8th Conference of the ITC: Modern Advances in Assessment: Testing and Digital Technology, Policies and Guidelines, Amsterdam; 07/2012

Stéphanie Mader, Jérôme Dupire, Emmanuel Guardiola, Stéphane Natkin: Conception d’un serious game thérapeutique: l’expérience du Village. Handicap 2012; 06/2012