Katharina Tillmanns

Research and Development

Email: kt(at)colognegamelab.de
Phone: +49 221 8275 – 3095

Katharina Tillmanns is a transmedia researcher, writer and producer based in Cologne, Germany with a Bachelor of Art in Media Studies and Filmmaking and Master of Arts in Game Development and Research. In her studies and work at the Cologne Game Lab, she is focussing on the expressive qualities of games as a means of art and activism. Since 2013 Katharina is co-president of Games for Change Europe. She is festival director and co-curator of the bi-annual NOTGAMES Fest and Expo in Cologne.

Spielwelt - Weltspiel. Narration, Interaktion und Kooperation im Computerspiel: Clash of Realities 2014