Prof. Markus Hettlich

Game Informatics

Email: mh(at)
Phone: +49 221 8275 - 5906

Markus Hettlich was born on September 1960 in Cologne. After finishing school he went for a compulsory service to the German Navy and afterwards studied physics at the University of Cologne. The subject of his Diploma Thesis was the development of a Time of Flight Spectrometer for analyzing the masses of molecule fragments. He has been a freelance software developer for more than 30 years and is working on a variety of fields, e.g. 3D-laser scanners, optical storage systems, camera based pattern- and motion detection, large scale media installations- and facades, internet based technologies and numerous games. His games are made predominantly for children but he also works on projects for major brands like Sony, Lufthansa, T-Mobile etc. Since the winter term 2014/2015 he is working as an interim professor for game informatics at the Cologne Game Lab.

My perspective on being part of CGL:

I am looking forward to working with motivating and inspiring people, students as well as teachers, and to foster the interest and curiosity on a broad range of fields.