Interviews M.A. GDR

Dear CGL applicants,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your interest in the Cologne Game Lab. We received all your documents, which were duly examined by our Aptitude Assessment Commission. Now the first phase of our application process is over and it is time for the interview round.

Below this message, you will find the table with the interview schedule. You can find out if you have been invited to an interview or not by searching for your unique applicant number. You should have received this number per email after submitting the application form on our website. To make the search easier, you can press Ctrl+F in Windows or Command+F in Mac. This will open a search field on your browser where you can type in your number.

If you find your number on the schedule, the date and time next to it correspond to your personal interview slot.

Interviews will last 10 (ten) minutes. There are two interview modalities: Skype and on-location. Please read the instructions concerning each modality provided below. Those who live in Germany or in a country close to Cologne (e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium) are automatically invited to an on-location interview. International applicants (excepting the above-mentioned cases) are automatically invited to a Skype interview.

If you cannot make it to the interview, please send an e-mail to Su-Jin Song at study (at)

On-Location Interviews

Candidates invited to an on-location interview should come to our campus on Schanzenstraße 28 (2nd floor) in Köln-Mülheim.

We will prepare a waiting area for you to pass the time before the interview and our interviewers will call you at the designated hour. Make sure to be there on time, but please be aware that there could be a slight delay. Should this be the case, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Skype Interviews

Please add CGL’s account (colognegamelab) to your Skype contactsat least a week prior to your interview.

Make sure that your account enables us to clearly identify your full name. Please be available online ten minutes prior to your scheduled time. We will do our best to call you just in time. However, be aware that there could be a delay of up to one hour. Should this be the case, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Please test your internet connection and your technical devices (video and audio) via Skype in advance and use headphones (if possible) to maintain the best possible transmission quality.

Please let us know in case you prefer an interview on location.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Su-Jin Song at study (at)

Interview Schedules

All times correspond to CEST – Central European Summer Time ( International applicants should take the time difference into account.


Date Time Modality Applicant Number
June 19 14:30 On Location MAGDR20190005
June 19 14:40 On Location MAGDR20190006
June 19 14:50 On Location MAGDR20190008
June 19 15:00 On Location MAGDR20190009
June 19 15:20 On Location MAGDR20190012
June 19 15:30 On Location MAGDR20190018
June 19 15:40 On Location MAGDR20190022
June 19 15:50 On Location MAGDR20190023
June 19 16:00 On Location MAGDR20190026
June 19 16:30 Skype MAGDR20190001
June 19 16:40 Skype MAGDR20190002
June 19 16:50 Skype MAGDR20190003
June 19 17:00 Skype MAGDR20190010
June 19 17:10 Skype MAGDR20190011
June 19 17:20 Skype MAGDR20190014
June 19 17:40 Skype MAGDR20190015
June 19 17:50 Skype MAGDR20190016
June 19 18:00 Skype MAGDR20190017
June 19 18:10 Skype MAGDR20190019
June 19 18:20 Skype MAGDR20190020
June 19 18:30 Skype MAGDR20190021
June 19 18:40 Skype MAGDR20190024
June 19 18:50 Skype MAGDR20190025