Virtual Monsters

The work of the artist Joan Miró, born in Barcelona, ​​offers a fascinating range of pictorial means characterized by its diversity and inventive power. The exhibition “MIRÓ – World of the Monsters” at Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR is devoted in particular to the sculptural work of Miró in the 1960s and 1970s, which is less known in relation to the pictorial and graphic work.

The artist combines everyday objects found in fantastic creatures that are then cast in bronze. Some of them are painted in color and look like their brightly colored paintings. For Miró they populate his “dream world of living monsters”.

After our successful cooperation last year (Escher 2.0), the museum again joined forces with CGL: Our colleagues Carmen Johan and Jonas Zimmer created the puzzle-app „Mirós Monster“ that allows the visitors to trace down and scan certain stickers within the museum using augmented reality. You can collect 3D-objects, build your own virtual 3D-monsters, colour them, give them your individual look and make a selfie with them.

Additionally, the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue featuring another interactive app made by our team: 11 of the monsters displayed in the catalogue can be viewed in 3D! Using the app “Miró 360°” you can admire them in a virtual space from all sides and angles.

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MIRÓ – Welt der Monster

Sept, 3 2017 – Jan, 28 2018