Digital Games Workshop in Khartoum

On Friday, May 04, Cologne Game Lab’s researchers Carmen Johann and Jonas Zimmer flew off to Khartoum, Sudan, for the second edition of their workshop “Digital Games”. Over the course of five days 17 participants from a variety of different backgrounds worked in three teams, each developing one idea. The topics of the games addressed current situations in Sudan, like the petrol shortage, poverty or recycling. While some participants already had experience in this field, others had their first encounter with developing digital games. Two participants had already made a board game dealing with cholera prevention, that was mostly distributed in rural areas of Sudan in order to educate children and their parents.

On Thursday, May 10, the projects were presented to the public while a small exhibition at the Goethe Insitut also showing a variety of games like Isometric Epilepsy, Her Story, and Late Shift as well as some local games like Karmakul from WizEra Games.

The workshop followed the idea of bringing people together in order to foster the gaming community in Khartoum and thus making it possible for the developers to potentially make money off their games in the future. Therefore Goethe-Institut and the Cologne Game Lab will join froces with interested locals to organize a local Game Jam followed by a Global Game Jam. By 2019 there should be professional workshops to realize and eventually publish games.

The trip was a joint effort of the Goethe Institut, the Impact Hub Sudan and the Cologne Game Lab. It was the second cooperation between Goethe Institut and the CGL-team, who succesfully organized a boardgame workshop in September of 2017.