HisToGo (2015-2017)

Gallery: Playtesting of the core mechanics and collaborative learning method with a paper prototype.

In a collaborative research project the Cologne Game Lab (TH Koeln) and the Historical Institute (University of Cologne) are developing an educational game about the history of Roman Cologne for 5th and 6th grade students (key target group). Based on Augmented Reality technology and location-based services a novel approach to learning history on-site will be conceptualized and tested.

HisToGo combines curricular learning content und technological innovation, into a narrative-driven game scenario that allows for a motivational, and meaningful interaction with the subject matter. Guided by GPS technology, players take on the roles of various historical characters, enabling them to explore, decode and visualize relevant historical contexts and scenarios. With their own smartphones or tablets, students will be encouraged to explore the current and historic city center of Cologne as part of their regular field trip.

Blending realtime video from the players´smartphone cameras with historic virtual environments and recreated 3D artifacts, HisToGo aims to enable players to experience the history of the 1st century Roman Cologne right where it happened.

The project is funded by Rheinenergie Stiftung.


Team Cologne Game Lab

  • Project Management / Game Design / Media Didactics - Katharina Tillmanns, M.A.
  • Art Concept: Juan Orjuela
  • Research Assistant: Milan Pingel

Team Historical Institute (University of Cologne)

  • Project Management: Dr. Christoph Pallaske
  • History & Didactics: Dr. Michael Kleu