Notgames Fest (2011-2015)

The Notgames Fest was initiated in 2011 the Cologne Game Lab and the Belgian game studio Tale of Tales. In 3 editions (2011, 2013, 2015) the event featured a series of selected experimental games in an exhibition that is free of charge to the general public. In 2013 the expo-playground was established to provide an additional space where game designers can show their advanced prototypes to a broader public.

Heart piece of the artistic research project was the development of a novel approach to exhibition design that allowed public (dis)play of the pieces while at the same providing a comfort zone to the visitors to explore the works. The exhibition design was created in collaboration with KISD – Koeln International School of Design.


Festival Directors: Katharina Tillmanns, M.A and Simon Bachelier (2015 edition)

Exhibition Design: Carmen Johann, Volker Zerbe and students teams.

Gallery 2013 Gallery 2011

Watch the trailer for the first Notgames Fest back in 2011 here: