Special Award for Project MMM

In early November, CGL-students Juan Orjuela, Utz Stauder and György Droste were invited to present their music and party game “Project MMM” at the Deutscher Multimediapreis MB21 in Dresden. Their game received a special award in the games category! Project MMM – short for MIDI Multiplayer Madness – was their Second Year Collaborative Project (Experimental Game). It is a loop machine arcade installation that rewards the players’ skillfulness with colorful and seemingly unique music tracks. This game is controlled via hardware fader controllers for precise movement and maximum fun – for up to 8 players simultaneously!

In the eulogy it says: “A game, that does not only thrill inveterate gamers! It is only playable as a team and the joint task is to create a piece of music, just like a band. Whenever all players overcome the emerging obstacles in perfect unison, the melody changes while playing. A game that counts on team and tone! The developers have converted a cool idea into an interactive, spheric game-world that enchanted the whole jury from the beginning! Jury-breaks became MMM-breaks – MMM is awarded the special prize in the category games. Congratulations!”

Congratulations indeed, to Utz, Juan and György whose newly founded company Ludopium (together with yet another CGL-student: Balint Mark) has already another prize-winning game in its portfolio: Isometric Epilepsy.


Picture by Philipp Baumgarten ©Medienkulturzentrum Dresden