Aellion (2015)

 Project Type 
First Year Intermediate Project
 Production Year 
Visual Novel, Strategy
Turn-based strategy game and visual novel in a fantasy setting
Everyone: Game Design; Simon Herfert: Project Management, Programming; Sarah Ulzhöfer: Game Art, Janna Zimmer: Game Art; Pegah Amirahmadi: Game Art, Script; Music by Audiomachine, Kevin MacLoad


Immerse into Aellion, an exciting strategy and visual novel adventure. It takes you to the planet Askye where four races forged an alliance to live peacefully – until something went terribly wrong. The planet ended up shattered, with only three continents remaining and its magical core weakened and exposed. Those who survived were about to drift away and slowly die. Because the Core that originally gave life and energy could only fully support one continent. The government of the largest continent did not care for the others and instead wanted the energy all for themselves. One hero, Commander Edin and his crew believe in a rescue plan for all people and start a rebellion …

Command airships and planes, each with their specific weapon and armor in five different levels. Use them wisely against your enemies!

Gameplay Video: