Project Type
Collaborative Project – First Year
Production Year
Winnitron, PC
Arcade Co-op
Marco Cristoforetti – Project Manager & Programmer | Elena Igumnova – Game Designer | Thiago Morano Gerding – Programmer | Trixia Quinzon – Artist | Anastasiia Tataurova – Artist


Aether is a two player local co-op game, where each player gets to play as one of the four elements: re, water, earth or air. The players are divided by the shadow world and connected by the string, that forces them to not go too far apart. The players should work in harmony so that they don’t overstretch the string or pull each other in the wrong direction. While doing so they should also keep the music going, by pressing the button at the right time, collecting aether. The goal of the game is to keep the string till the end, avoiding shadows.

Gameplay Trailer