Boomin’ Joy (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
Collaborative Project
 Production Year 
Arena Brawler
Boomin’ Joy is an arena brawler that is set in the realm of childish imagination; outplay your opponents by decreasing their health by throwing bombs or knocking them off the arena.
Art: Vasburg, Kilian Junk. Caroline Dick | Design: Niklas Wirths | Programming: Maruice Matz



Boomin’ Joy started out with the topic “Memories”, which allowed our team in early development to draw inspiration from plenty of nostalgic elements. We discussed building a game around playing carpets for kids, which have these cities printed on them, as this would be an interesting fit for a racing game. Yet, given that we have three artist, we soon realized that this approach might limit our potential.

Instead we preserved the aspect of memories for the environment and characters and tapped into childlike fantasy and nostalgia, allowing us to build overly-fantastic and unrealistic environments that could support our new gameplay idea that can be categorized as an arena brawler.

From the beginning on we planned out our scope very conservatively, making sure that we have a solid playable prototype that offers a polished experience around January already. Given that many of our team members were unfamiliar with tools like Unity this seemed to be the best fit, since bugs or glitches are something we couldn’t foresee nor plan for.

Over time we got more confident in how much each team member could handle in regards to workload and how the engine behaves. After the intermediate presentation, in which we showed our prototype, we gathered feedback and held weekly meetings to develop a tight and efficient project plan. During one of the first meetings around January we also divided all our wishes into “must haves” and “nice to haves”, which gave us further flexibility, in case some of the “must haves” didn’t finish on time, so that we could sacrifice time that we had originally planned in for “nice to haves”. From our point of view, the project was overall a success as we reached all the goals we were hoping for and delivered a game that offers a solid fun experience.

Since we have drawn inspiration from a lot of arcade titles and early video games, their blunt and very action driven content was something that went very naturally with our overall vision. Even though we didn’t delve deep into cultural aspects or maybe brought in a reflection of reality or political parallel, we are very happy that we decided to focus on learning how to make a game fun and engaging before anything else. We strongly believe that this foundation will pave the way for more ambitious projects in the future.




Gameplay video