Border Patrol (2015)

 Project Type 
Collaborative Project (MA)
 Production Year 
Unity Web Application, Windows Application, Mac Application, Linux Application
Serious Game
The complex Mexican-American war on drugs causes many casualties. Can you make the right decision?
Andreas Felix Tritsch (2D Arts, Game Design), Ban Müller-Thiab (3D Arts, Game Design), Djamel Berkaoui (Unity Development, Game Design), Fee Bonny (2D Arts, Game Design) and Jörg Burbach (Programming, Unity Development, Game Design)


“Border Patrol” is a serious game, conducted during four weeks in summer term 2015 at the Cologne Game Lab, Cologne, Germany. It’s set in the complex Mexican-American War on Drugs. You may play as the US-Soldier, protecting the border from immigrants approaching from Mexico. Or you play as a Mexican, sneaking across the border into the U.S.A.
 Do you stop a drug dealer, or do you shoot innocent people, fleeing their miserable life? Can you sneak into the USA, to start a new life? Or do you base your new life on smuggled drugs? And will you experience all eight different endings?