Catboy (2016/2017)

 Project Type 
Third Year Self-initiated Project (BA)
 Production Year 
Action Platformer 
A fast-paced action platformer with an anthropomorphic cat.
Thomas Flachs (Graphics, Music, Game Design) | Arthur Eckmann (Concept, Game Design, Programming) 



Catboy is a fast-paced action platformer with a retro 16-bit pixel art look that mixes elements from jump’n’shoot and beat’em up games and will provide an optional co-op mode for local multiplayer.  In addition to a lot of varying levels there are plans to integrate several bonus levels in-between with an alternative gameplay like car chases in the manner of a side scrolling shoot’em up or riding a skateboard in a urban environment. Explosions and screen shakes duplicate the fun factor!

Gameplay Video

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