Fallen Hero (2017)

Project Type
First Year Collaborative Project (BA)
Production Year
PC, HTC Vive
VR interactive movie
more immersive way to engage in narrative of Anime
Arthur – programming | JiHoon – project lead, concept design | Keivan – art | Niklas -programming



The fallen hero’s core concept is to deliver a new way to enjoy the classic Japanese anime “Gundam”. The concept behind is that with the use of VR and its immersive capability, we could bring new dimension how to improve the immersion while watching otherwise one directional movie watching experience. The narrative is driven by the videos in the form of the cutscene, and gameplay is an immersion enhancer in between the game. This two different experience merges the gap and fills the need for the excitement in between episodes.


Gameplay Videohttps://1drv.ms/v/s!At87UzTLxUo1g4oRyqcQN3z_gD2iog