Heart-shaped glasses (2017)

 Project Type 
Second Year Collaborative Project (BA)
 Production Year 
Text-based visual novel  
Put your glasses on, “Love” will start in a few seconds 
Diana Alves – Programming, Electronics | Pegah Amirahmadi – Game Art | Evelina Bieliakaite – Game Art | Patricia Cotrim – Design, Writing | Elena-Adelina Popa – Game Art, Sound | Anna-Lena Richter – Game Design, Writing, Project Lead



Heart-Shaped Glasses is an experimental text-based interactive journey through an abusive relationship. The game is played using a custom mouse that emits an electrical shock when the player chooses certain dialogue answers that trigger a violent outburst in their abusive partner, making emotional pain into something tangible that is able to be felt by the player. The game creates a state of tension in the player making them think about their words in order to avoid the shock and the abuse hurled at them by their partner.