Hero of Xeric (2015)

 Project Type 
First Year Intermediate Project
 Production Year 
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Tower Defense, Action
Hero of Xeric is a combination of action rich diablo 3 hero fights and strategic warcraft 3 tower defense combat.
Lena Werthmann: Art;  Juan Orjuela: Art, Sound;  Simon Herfert: Programming; Jonas Delleske: Game Design, Project Management


Hero of Xeric takes place on a desolated arid planet called Xeric.  A human colony lives near a small sea that feeds them but the sea is nearly drained empty and the colony fears to die of thirst. They have not explored much of the planet they life on. Their only hope to survive is to send Rangy (the main character) out into the desert to find new water. As the game starts, Rangy finds himself in a valley in the desert. When he starts exploring the valley, some strange creatures appear at the other side of the valley. They are hostile and Rangy has to defend himself. In his misery he finds a way to build towers out of his enemy’s corpses and make them come a life with natures energy he can absorb from the creatures.