High Rise (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
Ludic game collaborative project
 Production Year 
 Windows PC
„High Rise“ is an arcade puzzle game for PC, set in an industrial world where a constant rising fog forces the player to build a city towards the sky, to keep its inhabitants joyful.
Design and project management: Martin M. Klöckener | 3D Art and programming: Ryan Pocock | 2D Art and concept: Nikodem Malec | Programming: Salma Mouselhy



High Rise is an arcade puzzle game about a world where the constant raising fog of the industry forces you to build a city towards the sky. The businesses, that produce the goods for your people, need day workers and night workers. These workers need sun or shadow respectively to be happy. But your resources for building per day are limited. So you have to choose wisely which buildings you place on the 5×5 grid. Otherwise your inhabitants miss the sun and move out. Each day the position of the sun rotates, so homes that were lit the day before might now lay in the shadow. The goal of the game is to build your city as high as possible while also keeping the level of joy high. The joy needs of your inhabitants grow over time. That makes it more difficult in the later game to gain enough joy. What makes this game special is the combination of vertical city building under time pressure and the strategic component, when the player has to think some days ahead and estimate where the sunlight will fall.