idō (2015)

 Project Type 
Game Lab Summer School 2015 at CRI Paris
 Production Year 
Rhythm-based Movement Training
A tool for rhythmic training and dyslexia research
Julien Lussiez: Game Design, Music & Sound; Denis Tribouillois: Programming, Game Design; Guillaume Duquesne: Programming, Game Design; Barbara Sedderz: Art, Game Design


idō (the Japanese word for movement) is a therapeutic and meditative rhythm game intended primarily for the improvement of motor skills in neurodivergent people, as well as athletes, dancers, and everyone in between. The player controls an avatar via Kinect and uses her body to interact with symbols and shapes on screen, tapping and moving to the rhythm of the track playing in the background. The intention is to implement a level editor to allow an individual adjustment to the needs of the player (bpm, amount of gameplay elements etc.) and can thereby be used by a wide range of people.