Kyklos Code (2016/2017)

 Project Type 
Third Year Self-initiated Project (BA)
 Production Year 
First Person Action Puzzler 
Dive into a 3D puzzle cyber world and try to defeat the computer system by using its reset mechanism against it.
Jonas Delleske (Programing, Lead Game Designer, Marketing) | Leonie Wolf (Lead 3D Artist, Environmental Design, Game Design) | Josefine Maier (Project Manager, Lead Concept Artist, Puzzle Design, Marketing)


The player dives into a program to defeat the virus by which it has been attacked. The virus sets back the player to his starting position every 10 seconds. The time between two resets is called a loop. During the game the player receives a device that enables him/ her to take other objects into the loop. He can toggle the looping state of objects and thereby solve puzzles. The goal of each level is to reach a new reset point.


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