Polyguys (2015)

 Project Type 
First Year Intermediate Project
 Production Year 
2d cooperative Platformer
Local multiplayer puzzle platformer in a polygonal world. Where you have to  exchange vertices to advance.
Bálint Márk: Game Designer;  Joao Oliveira: Art; Utz Stauder: Programing; Droste György: Game Designer; Alberto Rodriguez: Art


POLYGUYS is a cooperative puzzle platformer taking place in a world made up of polygons. The two of you control two primitive shapes trying to escape from a cave. The main idea of the game is to overcome obstacles by collecting and exchanging vertices with your friend. You can play two levels of this concept where we explored a multitude of interesting mechanics and puzzles for you to play with.

By default, use the A/D or LEFT/RIGHT keys to move the characters and the W or UP key to jump. Press the S or DOWN key to shoot vertices at the other player thus changing the shapes of the characters. The shot vertex can also be used to activate or deactivate diamond shaped switches.

Controller use is optional. It is possible to change the button layout on the Unity configuration screen.

Demo link: