QR (2016/2017)


 Project Type 
Second Year Collaborative Project (BA)
 Production Year 
Web, Android
Mixed Reality Collectible Card Game
QR Corp: The first step towards a better you!
Caterina Böhm | Sarah Engelhardt | Owen Franke | Andreas Gefken | Felix Schoeller | Matthias Siegel


QR is a headhunting and human assessment agency who scouts for individuals to fulfill the workforce needs of the world’s largest corporations.  With QR’s help, you will embark on a new career as an executive area manager for one of those corporations. You must collect assets, build your portfolio, and crush the competition in this faction vs faction strategy card game. To expand your deck, follow the clues on the QR-website or scan codes in real life in order to find uniquely designed cards filled with cynical humor and social commentary. QR is a location-based serious game to make you question the business practices and ethics of real world corporations.

Prototype link: http://qr-corp.com