Rovatar (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
Second Year Collaborative Project (BA)
 Production Year 
PC (+ physical space)
First-Person Exploration Game
Your senses have been replaced with those of a real-life robot – use them to find the way back to your human body!
Art: Nicole Schneiderwind | Design and Lead: Sabine Neuser | Design: Lukas Keuter | Programming: Niklas Eggermann, Dominik Wenzel



The player becomes the operator of a robotic avatar in a physical maze. Upon putting on the head-mounted device and headphones, his main senses (sight, hearing) are “transferred”, his disoriented awareness merges with the bot and players unknowingly become test subjects for “Human mind and body separation”-experiments. They encounter different situations, signs and traces of former testers from which the real goal of this experiment can be deduced: Is the average person able to complete this maze with their senses and “mind” separated from their body, being subject to distortion and disorientation? Do they understand the task and the situation at hand? You are not the first one to have been here nor will you be the last. Find your body or perish with the robot.