Son (2016)

 Project Type 
First Year Collaborative Project (BA)
 Production Year 
PC, Mac, Linux
Exploration Game/ Stealth Puzzle
A thousand days and nights in the anvil of the sun
Vadim Nickel: Project Lead, Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Music, Sound Design | Philipp Baumann: 3D Artist, 2D Artist | Rick Hoppmann: Texture Artist, Environmental Design | Lukas Esch: Concept Artist, Texture Artist, 3D | Seren Besorak: 3D Artist, Animation, Sound Design



SON is a first-person exploration game with shadow-based stealth and puzzle elements and a dark, engaging and multi-layered story that will draw you into a surreal desert environment.   You have to traverse a wide landscape and find a way to rescue your child that was absorbed by a demonic sun. Be careful – its heat is deadly when it descends to earth at night to hunt you.



Link zum Gameplay-Video: