StarKillers (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
Ludic game collaborative project
 Production Year 
Winnitron arcade machines
Arcade space shooter
Kill that star!
Design and project management: Chad Comeau | Art and Music: Raven Rush | Programming: Fabian Röthgen, Dustin Terry



StarKillers is a local multiplayer arcade shooter for the Winnitron arcade platform, featuring exciting and chaotic co-op and versus play, with a focus on game feel. The game is accessible to a general audience, ages 10 and above. Our primary target groups are communities with a Winnitron arcade machine, at the Cologne Game Lab in particular.

In the far future, interstellar daredevils play a star-killing sport. Pilot your spaceship and protect your star while trying to collapse those of the other players.

Players navigate their ships around the arena with the joystick, fire dual projectiles with one button, and boost their ship with the second button. Projectiles serve to destroy obstacles and enemy ships, as well as damage the stars. Boosting increases ship speed and projectile range, and also leaves a deadly fire trail in the ship’s wake.

Available modes include:

Team Battle, a strategic two-versus-two space battle; Free for All, where each player has their own star; Duel, a dogfighting mode for two to four players; Single Player, a solo wave defence experience.

Whether players crave deeper strategic play or just want to shoot everyone, StarKillers has a mode for everyone.

Other notable features include an animated attract screen, pre-game preparation screens for each mode, dynamic music tied to the game state, and end-of-match score screens displaying player statistics.