The Old Man and his Attorney

 Project Type 
Adaption Project (MA)
 Production Year 
Unity Web Application
Digital Novel / Visual Novel
The old man fought for many years to claim the right for his precious house. Can he win the trial against the landlords?
Djamel Berkaoui (M.A. program 2014): idea, programming, game design, fictional story



“The Old Man and his Attorney” is an adaption of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old man and the Sea”. The game deals with a reinterpreation of the novel represented as a fictional trial. The theme of a trial fits best of what will happen with the old man in the novel. He has to use all his strenght over exhausting hours to catch the marlin, just to lose it to the everlasting struggle of the ocean. The chosen art style was inspired by the oil painting animation directed by Aleksandr Petrov. The game contains hidden messages and methaphorical signs.