Swell Nobblers (2015)

 Project Type 
First Year Intermediate Project
 Production Year 
Local Multiplayer Arena Shmup
The Joy of Give and Take
Barbara Sedderz: Art; Manuel Berlinger: Project Management, Programming, Level Design; Maja Weber: Art, Menu Design; Jeremy Lonien: Game Design, Programming


Swell Nobblers is a steampunk-themed browser based competitive local multiplayer twist on the shoot-em-up genre. Choose one of the four characters and battle in 4 arenas against each other until one (or none) remain. Be careful though. Your ship IS your ammunition IS your health, so if you’re playing too aggressively you might accidentally kill yourself. But all is not lost: Launched projectiles (or enemy projectiles that stopped moving) can be reabsorbed for additional health. Just remember: The fool fights, the wise watches.