Ted’s Quest (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
Ludic Game collaborative project
 Production Year 
adventure, platformer
It’s time to collect myself
Game Design and Project Lead: Rakibul Hasan Toor | Game Design: Daniel Castellanos Loria | Programming: Ahmed Adel Attaalla Salem | Art: Ahmed Ezzeldin Ahmed Belal



A cute, warm teddy bear brings the comfort of touch which every human being needs. He is a symbol of innocence, warmth and mental support. But when a Teddy falls into a desperate situation where he has lost all his limbs and thrown away, how would he feel? As a friend of our beloved Teddy, are we going to help him get his joy back bring the comfort back as we always look from him?

“Ted’s Quest” is a story of a Teddy bear, who lost his limbs and in the quest of getting them back so that he can go back to his owner. Throughout the game our objective is give that feeling of Teddy, where he is uncomfortable and mostly powerless, yet determined to return.

The game is setup in three different settings – Landfill, Underground sewerage and the house. The Player plays as Ted, in a side scrolling platform, to face different obstacles as well as enemies or different toys. The player can fight with enemies with his own head or pick up power up which are limbs fell from defeated enemies. Thus, he must face the boss and take back his own limbs.

Gameplay Video