Temple of Philae (2017)

Project Type
First Year Collaborative Project (BA)
Production Year
Narrative Game / 2D Side-Scroller with Puzzle and Jump ‘n’ Run Elements
Temple of Philae tells the story of the young Egyptian Gamal who sacrifices his humanity in order to become a God.
Fabian Donner (Artist) | Cyrano Kaul (Artist & Sound Designer) | Kilian Schmitt (Programmer) | Darja Staub (Artist) | Hanna Steinhauer (Game Designer)


About Everyday Kissa told her son the story of how the goddess Isis had brought him and given him to her care. How he had always been a special child and would one day have to face many challenges in order to become greater than any human being before him. Gamal took in every word and waited for the day he would be old enough to leave his family and ask Isis to become a god.

Temple of Philae is a 2D Side Scroller immersed in the ancient Egyptian theme. The player has to fight their way through the ancient temple by solving puzzles, destroying obstacles, and escaping spike traps. While their actions become more and more complicated, the sacrifices they have to make grow ever crueler. In the end, they need to decide between their reckless ambition and Gamal’s dysfunctional, but caring family.


Gameplay Videohttps://youtu.be/zNKBnQzp0qA