The Ghost And The Witch (2013)

Project Type
Master Thesis Project
Production Year
Interactive storybook
A shy ghost and a witch who is afraid of the dark learn how they can overcome their fear together.
Maren Keitel (M.A. program 2011-13), idea and game design
Thomas Wenzler-Horn, graphics
Markus Hettlich, programming
Manuel Loose, music


The Ghost And The Witch (OT: Das Gespenst und die Hexe)  is an interactive storybook aimed at children age three to six years for touchscreen devices (with focus on tablets). At this age group the fear of witches and ghosts is widespread. As part of her final thesis in CGL´s M.A. program “Game Development and Research” Maren keitel wrote a story about a very courageous witch and a cowardly ghost. The story is told from two perspectives and children can choose which protagonist they want to follow. Each time the topic of fear is addressed in a playful manner.  The prototype was very well received during playtests with children. The final version of the interactive storybook is still under development.

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