The Rapid Treasure Escape (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
First Year Collaborative Project (BA)
 Production Year 
PC, Mac (experimental)
Local Co-Op Racing Game
Be a pirate and work together with your partner to save your treasure in a breathtaking raft ride through caribbean waters.
Concept Art, Environment Art, Voice Acting: Gina Graf | Game Design, UI Design, Voice Acting: Rebecca Nöll | Programming, Porject Lead: Manuell Ott | Programming: Daniel Turner | 3D Art, Animation, Shader Pope: David Wildemann



Ahoy mateys and welcome to “The Rapid Treasure Escape”!

In this fast-paced racing game you are sharing a gamepad with a friend to control two trickster pirates on the run. Swooshing down a river in a little rowing boat packed with gold and diamonds you try to escape from a big pirate ship that you stole the treasures from. Don’t get caught and avoid the obstacles or your precious gold will go overboard – make it to your hidden cave and save as much treasure as possible!

“The Rapid Treasure Escape” is a communicative co-op experience with unique controls and features six procedurally generated levels in a caribbean setting.



Game download Windows:

Game download Mac: