Trash Chicken (2017)

 Project Type 
Second Year Collaborative Project  (BA)
 Production Year 
PC, Mac, Linux
Top-Down Shooter, Destruction / Power Fantasy
The Chicken Destruction Simulator you have been dreaming of!
Caterina Boehm, Rick Hoppmann, Omar Ruiz, Felix Schoeller



Enough is enough! Rise up against the oppressive Foxes and reclaim your country for chicken-kind! You are a mutated giant chicken and must free the cooped up chicks from their prisons and destroy the fox city and its inhabitants. Besides your large physique, your best weapons are the different weapons that are distributed across the city, to wreak ultimate havoc! But do not underestimate the power of the swarm, every chick you free will fight with you until your mob grows to an unstoppable horde!

Gameplay Video