Twin Sprouts (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
First Year Collaborative Project
 Production Year 
Windows, Mac
Play alongside a friend to grow the most joyful garden over the course of a single day!
Programming and Sound Implementation: Janine Janer | 3D Environment Art and VFX & Sound Design: Jasmin Habezai-Fekri | Project Management, Game Design and Level Design: Ozan Öztürk | Concept/Character Art and GUI Design: Svenja Rösner



Twin Sprouts is a 3D multiplayer platformer for PC and Mac.Pick up seeds and grow plants in a lush and beautiful environment. Run, jump and glide to collect magical orbs to feed your plants with water and sun spells. Keep your plants happy and healthy and gather the joy orbs they produce to increase your score.Play cooperatively with or competitively against a friend and save both your individual and combined team high scores on a leaderboard.The game is playable in local split-screen view with two gamepads.

Gameplay Video