Urban Heat (2018)

Project Type
Fourth Year Collaborative Project
Production Year
PC, mobile
Serious Game
an educational city management game
Sol Bekic – Programming | Florian Erhard – Game Design | Patrick Temborius – Programming | Elena-Adelina Popa – 3D Art | Dominique Poulain – 2D Art | Maximilian Selvi – Game Design | Jeronimo Ort / Joshua Werner - Experts


A two player mobile city-building game in which both players slip in a different role: One plays as the minister of climate, the other as minister of economy. The game plays within a city’s infrastructure and focuses on specific places in the city that ask for attention like urban housing-projects, construction-sides and local parks. The players have to analyse the geographical, social and political data of these places and then discuss the merits of either an ecological- or an economical approach. Depending on the decisions made by the players the city’s infrastructure changes over time and represents the two approaches. Most of the game happens between the two players arguing about their approaches and understanding the data provided by the game.

Gameplay video