Woodfarer (2017/2018)

 Project Type 
First Year Collaborative Project
 Production Year 
Windows, Max
Roguelike Shooter Adventure
Lost in the Right Direction
Art: Eva Baginska, Karina Pankov | Programming: Mohammad Sadegh H. Boroomand | Game Design and Animation: Yasaman Farazan



Woodfarer is a Forest-Crawling game in which player explores different areas of a cursed forest and gathers spirits to lead them to the exit. The surrounding world is always new, and the player needs to map it out in order to explore it easier. The player can use the spirits he has collected, throw them to fight off enemies and even solve some puzzles. There are many exploration options in the game, and items to increase your max health and a chance to build up your score, incentive to see all there is to be found.

Prototyp Video