WYSIWYG | Sector A23 (2016)

 Project Type 
Second Year Intermediate Project (BA)
 Production Year 
PC, Mac
Experimental Game  
Stranded in an ever changing cave system you seek an exit out of this strange world.
Jonas Delleske, Balint Mark, Joao Oliveira, Marek Skudelny, Lena Werthmann, Sound in collaboration with the studio Dürbeck & Dohmen  



Imagine a world that only exists when you see it. Whenever you look around you see something completely new coming to life. This is the world of Sector A23. A beautifully generated cave system, filled with alien plants and mysterious creatures, giving room for endless exploration. Whatever you see, has never existed before.


Download Link: https://wysiwyg.itch.io/sectora23


Video: https://vimeo.com/175881883