YOU (2016/2017)


 Project Type 
First Year Collaborative Project (BA)
 Production Year 
Side-scrolling ‘escape’ game 
YOU is a side-scroller that champions liberation and individuality, where the player must travel through life (the game world), avoiding or destroying obstacles that seek to constrain their unique identity (their avatar).
Sam Baer (Artist) | Alexander Chaykovskiy (Artist) | Sabine Neuser (Designer) | Genefra Pamin (Programmer) | Kilian Schmitt (Programmer)


In its simplest form, YOU is an escape game where the player moves through a level filled with barriers, enemies and projectiles that aim to hamper the player’s movement. However, YOU is also allegorical, with the level representing a phase from ‘life’ (childhood), while the barriers and projectiles are formed of textual insults or slurs taken from real life that aim to constrain or limit an individual’s right to self-expression. As such, the player is tasked with successfully navigating their way through life without falling victim to societal rebukes and critiques.

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