Application Process


The selection committee examines all applicants’ formal, artistic and academic qualifications, as well as their English language proficiency through an aptitude test.

First, the call for application [PDF] is published in the beginning of January.

Second, by May 31st applicants need to submit their application documents. International students have to hand in two applications: the application for the program to CGL and ifs and an application via uni-assist (see “Special information for international students”).

Third, a group of selected applicants are invited to a personal interview.

Also check our Deadlines and Fees.

In order to apply for the M.A. program, applicants must have a bachelor degree or equivalent, as well as a minimum of twelve months experience working in a related field that is earned after the applicant has been awarded a bachelor degree or equivalent. Free creative projects may also be considered.

Courses are held in English; therefore, applicants must have a good command of the English language. English language proficiency will be checked throughout the application procedure. A formal certificate is not required.

An applicant’s creative qualification is a very important admission requirement. We are well aware that most applicants have likely acquired skill sets in one medium – either film or games. This should, however, not dissuade them from an application, as we view artistic qualification as media-independent. We welcome applications from candidates with a strong talent in art and design as well as those more focused in other areas of study such as technology.

International applicants have to validate their formal entrance qualification to the MA 3D Animation for Film & Games through uni-assist in a separate process. uni-assist will forward the results of their examination to CGL and ifs directly.

As the processing time amounts to about four weeks, applicants are highly encouraged to hand in their certificates to uni-assist before the official application deadline of the program on May 31. Without a positive evaluation by uni-assist, applicants cannot be admitted to the MA program.

Uni-assist has to be provided with the following certified documents. If these documents are not in German or English, they have to be translated by a state-certified translator:

  • Uni-assist application form
  • Officially certified copy of your secondary-school diploma and – if applicable – your university entrance exam from your home country
  • Officially certified copies of all passed university examinations and/or your university diploma from your home country
  • If you have graduated from a Studienkolleg: officially certified copy of you university entrance examination (Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis)
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam: original copy of your APS certificate
  • Resumé
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of your passport pages containing personal information
  • Proof of payment of the processing fee to uni-assist
  • If you have had your name changed: copy of the relevant document; e.g. marriage certificate

Further information can be found here: