Specialization Track: Game Design

As one of the three specializations of the Digital Games B.A. program, the Game Design track addresses students who want to focus on the creation and communication of the overall ludic and narrative game concept. Basic studies in narratology, traditional linear and non-linear dramaturgical approaches and ludology will be accompanied by practical exercises in writing and pitching game concepts. Moreover students will be equipped with crucial management skills such as supervising development and iterations and giving guidance to all creative departments in turning an original game idea into a release candidate.

Further instruction and advanced practice will include:

  • game design fundamentals
  • creating game design document
  • player analysis and play testing
  • systems design
  • game mechanics and story telling in analogue and digital games
  • dramatic and epic story telling
  • open worlds
  • story worlds
  • level design
  • single player / multi player mechanics
  • serious games and game based learning