The M.A. program in “Game Development and Research” is a compact course. By striking a balance between traditional learning models and independent project work, the course has been designed to accommodate those students who want to study whilst continuing to work in the industry. There will be around 12 contact hours per week (not including project work). The modules are taught in blocks of lectures, accompanied by intensive mentoring. The generic schedule below shows the average weekly workload contact hours plus self-study period throughout the semester. Click to enlarge.

Example: Weekly Workload 

Lectures and seminars take place on a primary day (e.g. Mondays) all day and a secondary day (e.g. Wednesdays) with two evening courses. Self-study time varies, but should be considered as a minimum of 12 additional hours. Students are encouraged to take part-time jobs within creative industries, however the course should be regarded as full-time education. From experience we highly recommend a maximum of 24 job-hours per week.